The unique worldwide Agiorgitiko grape variety from which is produced the famous V.Q.P.D. black Agiorgitiko (Nemea) wine, known from ancient times as Fliasio wine, thrives in the region.

Many references on the region of Nemea exist in the Greek mythology.

This area took its name from the nymph Nemea. According to one version, Nemea was the daughter of Zeus and Moon and was conceived in this area. According to another version Nemea was the daughter of the river Asopos that crosses the area. The daughters of Asopos were the nymphs Nemea, Aigina, Salamina, Kleoni, Thivi (Thebes) and Korkyra (Kerkyra).


The first feat of Hercules took place in Nemea, where Hercules beat the famous Great Lion.

In ancient times, Pan-Hellenic Games were taking place in the area of Nemea in honors of the infant Ofeltis or otherwise called Arhemoros son of Lykourgos, king of Nemea. Arhemoros died by a snake bite when his nanny, Ipsipili, left him unattended. Another version claims that Nemea Games were founded by Hercules in memory of his feat against the Nemea Great Lion.
After almost 2300 years, in the summer of 1996, the revival of Nemea Games took place again.